Port Isaac

00, Great Western Railway/Western Region, 12 by 4 foot


Auto Train    Thru coaches    Fish    Goods

Station Yard    Quarry

Panoramas    Back Ground    Track plan


Port Isaac Holyport Drummore Tal-y-Bont
Great Western Railway - Light Railways

Auto Train
Shunting the Fish Van

Thru coaches from London
Post nationalisation after Southern & Western Regions put down the daggers etc
 their could be coaches from the Atlantic Coast Express(below).


The length of the loop means fish and goods traffic are moved separately,
fish by passenger & special trains, and goods trains for yard and quarry traffic.


The goods train comes on scene

Stops at the station

Pushes back, drops of the vans & break and move the opens to the quarry

Swops over the empty for full opens

runs round the vans & breaks and pushes them to the yard

Picks up the out bound vans and coal wagon

Leaves the out bound vans and coal wagon in the fish market siding

Pushes the inbound van down to the yard

The coal wagon is pushed back to the coal staiths

Leaves the break at the platform

Pushes the out bound vans to the break

Runs round the opens and pushes them to the vans

Everything is coupled up

The out bound goods leaves


Fish Market

Station Yard

Coal Merchant

Goods Shed

Spur to Quarry

Panoramas of the layout

Track plan