00, British Railways, Scottish Region, 12 @ .5 foot

Drummore - background

Passenger    Thru coach    Goods    'The Brick'

Station    Engine Shed    Panoramas

Great Western Railway - Light Railways

Coming on scene

Stopping at the platform

Pushing the coaches back to the loop and preparing to run round

Pushing the coach back to the platform

Preparing to leave

Off to Stranraer

The thru coach and fish van arrive from Carlisle

The loco runs round the train

The fish van is propelled down the spur to the quay

The thru coach prepares to depart

Back to Carlisle

Post 1945 this is anachronistic. There were thru coaches London-Turnberry and Edinburgh-Whithorn but they
disappeared during the war. There was fish traffic in the area but I doubt Drummore would have ever filled
a fish van. Coming of the railway would have ended traffic at the quay. I've applied a lot of modellers licence.

Coming on scene

Stopping at the station



Going off scene

Coming on scene - coal to fire the brickworks, sand to flux the clay, and vans for the bricks etc
Stopping at the station to check with the staff

Pulling the outbound wagons from the brickworks
Pushing the inbound wagons to the brickworks

Pulling the outbound wagons to the loop and preparing to run round
Preparing to depart

Back to Stranraer - the brick only runs because of the short loop a longer loop and single train would be more plausible.

The little wooden station building has two rooms a waiting room and ticket/parcels office

The Post Offices' motorcycle & side car and green post box

Goods Shed with drums, boxes etc in front
Good sheds on the platform only occurred when traffic was light

Side loading dock