00, 1970's industrial & heritage railway, 12 @ .5 foot

Back ground to Tal-y-Bont

Station    Heritage train

 Timber Traffic    Sand Traffic    Sandpit


Great Western Railway - Light Railways

Tal-y-Bont station platform notice the gate to Huws and Gray's private siding and the posters.

The heritage train comes on scene

And stops at the platform

Backs up and runs round

And propels back to the platform

The train departs and runs of scene

Despite travelling on a similar train many years ago I'm not sure today health and safety would
allow passengers in goods wagons & break vans and shunting with the passengers on board

Empty timber wagons arrive

The train pulls down to the platform

Then backs up to collect the outbound wagons

The outbound wagons and break van are left on the running line.

Empty wagons are left on the timber spur

The loco 'zigzags' thought the points and couples up

The full timber train departs

A train of empty sand tipplers arrive at Tal-y-bont.

The loco collects the outbound full hoppers

The loco runs round the empty tipplers

The empties are propelled past the platform to the Sandpit

Inbound wagons are left just before the hopper - they will winched under the hopper and filled

The break van is left by the platform

The full tipplers are backed to the break van and the train leaves.

Empty wagons are left in front of the hopper and winched under the hopper using the chain.
When the wagons are full they are collected by the railway

A hose in to the pit allows a sand pump in the hut to pump a slurry of water and 30-40% sand out of the pit.
The slurry is fed into a hopper with an auger in a pipe known as a sand screw or dewatering screw.
Water extraction also removes the dirt from the sand the dirty water returns to the pit.
The slowly turning auger elevates the sand and it spills into the hopper over the track.

Huws and Gray are a local building supplier
 The sand loader was built on the running line after the closure of the line south in Tal-y-Bont in 1960

Panoramas of the layout