00, Various, 12' @ 6"

Passenger train    Coal train    Gravel train

Quay    Goods Siding    Panoramas

Construction    Background


 San Rocco

St. Gervais

Llyfni Quay

Welcome to Llyfni Quay

The Goods Siding

A new coach more proportional to the halt platform.

Passenger train

The passenger train arrives at Llyfni Quay

The train backs to the loop and the loco zigzags to the siding

The loco collects the out bound van from the siding

The loco back up and collects the inbound van

The inbound van is left on the siding

The out bound van is left just in front of the platform

The loco pushes the van and coach to the platform

The train is ready to depart

Coal train

The coal train arrives and uncouples

The loco runs forward and connects to the outbound empty wagons

The loco backs past the platform with the empty wagons

The loco leaves the empty wagons in the loop

The loco propels the full wagons past the platform

Full wagons are left at the quay

The break van is left at the platform

The loco propels the wagons to the break van

The empty coal train is ready to leave.

Gravel train

The train of empty wagons arrives and back down the spur to the gravel pit

The loco return with full wagons

The loco propels the wagons into the loop

Runs round

The train is ready to depart


Notice the swans and fisherman

Panoramas of the layout

The layout under construction

The most daunting task was moving the back scene to the other side of the board.
This worked but the front of the layout was damaged and had to be filled and painted.

Checking if the proposed buildings fitted

When the track was laid there was clearance problem with the two huts (right)

The Office was moved to the the other side of the platform. Buffers being painted