St. Gervais

H0, Swiss, 12 by 0.5 foot


 San Rocco

St. Gervais

Llyfni Quay


Passenger    Mixed    French    Couchette

Station    Panoramas    The end


The passenger arrives with the connection in the bay

The passenger back up to run round

Care needs to be taken as the loop is tight

The train is pushed back into the platform

Ready to go


After arriving at the station and unloading passenger the mixed pushes back to the loop

The loco uncouples and runs round

It picks up the in bound wagons

And propels them to the yard

It picks up the out bound wagons and leaves them on the bay siding

The spots the inbound wagons

The out bound wagons are moved to the platform

As are the coach and Forgon (break/parcels wagon)

Readt to go


Photos show trains on the Chemin de fer Nyon - Crassier connecting to French FNC autorail.

In this case the passenger connects to an express railcar going some where important - Paris?


I've found evidence of French goods trains running on minor Swiss cross border lines (see Chemins de fer du Jura)

But so far none of couchette coaches on minor Swiss cross border lines

I assume this 'Trans European Night' couchette is a special

Possibly a class from the local senior school is going on a vist to some where special

As the coach is not multiple unit fitted the French autorail has to run round at St. Gervais


Station building    Goods Shed    Goods Yard

Station building


Goods Shed

Goods Yard


The end