H0, Danish, 12 by 0.5 foot


Morning train    Through coach    Goods train

Panoramas    Track plan    Under construction

Timetabling & wagon control for Skovdallund


 San Rocco

The imaginary Vejle Banen a privatbane or light railway follows the Grejs Å (Grejs River) from a junction with the DSB (Danish State Railway) at Husby 9.5 kilometers (5.9 miles) to Skovdallund on Fårup Sø (Fårup Lake). The 50-70 meters high, forested slopes and tufa cliffs of the Grejsdalen (Grejs Dale) as it cuts though hilly terrain makes it a scenically unique part of Denmark. The Dale and Lake are considered beautiful parts of Denmark so tourism is a major source of traffic with the 22 kilometers long Fårup Sø having boat rental, campsite, fishing, and a reproduction Viking ship the Jellingormen, seen by 150,000-200,000 tourists a year. Goods traffic includes agriculture, forestry, and stone cut from the Dale's tufa cliffs. Historically the 13 water mills along the Grejs Å were a major source of traffic for example the Grejs Mill which in 1830 was the country's largest private clothing factory and employed 150 people


Station building and Goods Yard

The station master and family
 live in the back of the station and use the two bedrooms in the roof.

Carriage Shed
 and Hopballe Mølle

Fårup Sø Kiosk 

The goods train arrives on scene and stops at the station to check shunting

The out bound van is picked up from the goods shed and left by the platform. next the coal wagons are left on the mill spur.

The train is run round, the outbound van and forgon (brake & parcels van) left at the carriage shed

 The inbounds van is left at the goods shed, the other van reparked in the goods yard, the outbound passenger train moved from the carriage shed to platform   
Through Coach

Coming on scene and letting the passengers off.

Picking up an out bound van and backing up to the loop

Dropping off the forgon and running round

Dropping off the inbound van and picking up the passengers

Out bound and going of scene

Goods train

The goods train comes on scene and stops at the station

The first shunt is to move van from
Hopballe Mølle to the platform and spot the incoming vans

The loco runs round the forgon and open, couples to the two coal
wagons left by the morning goods and propels thef down the mill spur.
It soon returns with empties

The wagons are marshalled and the train departs


Layout under construction
The building are only there for planning purposes
The lower photos show the start of the buildings to be used.


The lower photos show the start of the buildings to be used.


The planned factory has been replaced with a carriage shed. The building needs veneering and painting.
A carriage shed on a siding to a factory is unusual but happened at Lydney Town

Fiddle Yard