H0, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in West Virginia, 12 @ 4 foot


Baltimore &
Ohio Railroad



Willis Bluff



Water Run

Earnest Creek

Potomac Street

Saint Martin, Ohio


Lincoln Avenue (PRR)

Lafayette Spring

Lafayette Pond

Winter Hill

Winter Run


Budd Railcar    The Junction   PA Interlocking Tower    Exchange sidings

Mirror    Left Hand U-turn    Ernie's Diner    Right Hand U-turn

Panoramas    Fiddle Yard    Track plan    Before the changes

It has been decided to extend all the layouts in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad layout group (see above) by
four foot by adding a third scenic and fiddle yard board. Pratrea is the first of the four layouts to be extended.
The main changes to Pratrea has been the Junction and a run round loop on the branch.
Hopefully this will lead to much more fluid and interesting operation.

Budd Railcar

The Junction

The junction now has an interlocking tower PA Tower inspired by the much photographed NA Tower
(see et al) in  Martinsburg, WV.
Enthusiasts call single story interlocking towers interlocking huts but term is not used by railroads.
PA is the abbreviation for Pratrea. Please note the radio aerial. Interlocking towers are US signal boxes.

Exchange sidings

Mirror used to make look as if there's a train behind the back scene

Left Hand U-turn

Ernie's Diner

Right Hand U-turn


Fiddle Yard
I don't normally photo the fiddle yard, however, I feel the new fiddle yard, especially
the throat (the first photo) is sufficiently interesting to make it worth the photographing.

Before the changes