Saint Martin, Ohio

H0, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (USA), 8 @ 2 foot

Panoramas of the scenic board

The Depot    B&O poster board

Brown County Farmer's Cooperative

Baltimore &
Ohio Railroad



Willis Bluff



Water Run

Earnest Creek

Potomac Street

Saint Martin, Ohio




Lafayette Spring

Lafayette Pond

Winter Hill

Winter Run

Saint Martin, Ohio is a quick rebuild of Saint-Martin-le-Gaillard so there's a B&O layout
available for the Kenavon exhibition. After the exhibition the layout will be rebuilt to French H0.

St Martin, Ohio is a pleasant rural hamlet in
Brown County, Ohio. The hamlet's name
was chosen to maintain the St. Martin connection and to celebrate Ohio in the

B&O's name. As far as I'm aware the hamlet has no railroad history.

The large number of passengers is because of an event at Chatfield College.

Panoramas of the scenic board 

The Depot
This is the dreaded Triang Caboose with the British Rail arrows of
indecision hidden by a name board  - at lease its vaguely B&O blue.

B&O poster board
The posters were to be mounted on the depot but were to big.
Shrinking them would have made them illegible so I built a poster board.

Brown County Farmer's Cooperative 'lock up'