00, Southern Region, 12’ @ 4.5’

Before the first makeovers   First makeover    Second makeover


Fordbury Dene Railway

Coombe Bissett



Victoria Colliery

Nettlebridge Valley Railway





Second makeover
The scenic board had to be split into two four foot boards.
A halt has been added meaning limestone
loader siding had to go.
The rails on the light railway have been removed.
The the baseboard joint was just under the point giving access to
Skelley Engineering Works so the siding has gone out of use

The new Halt

The rails on the light railway and the point giving access to
Skelley Engineering Works have been removed.

Skelley Engineering Work's out of use siding. 

First makeover

The layout has been modified to a twin track line with the light railway reduced to a siding.
The most noticeable changes are (a) converting the coal siding to a through line,
(b) switch the limestone loader siding to come of the light railway, and (c) removal of the factory and halt.

Before the first makeover

Limestone loader


Canal Halt on the Light Railway

The Canal Basin - this is short 'spur' from Dorset and Somerset canal

Coal is being dumped into barges and a siding serves the Skelley Engineering Works