00, SOUTHERN REGION, 12' @ 4'


Ridler Grinding Company        New Buildings

Peter's Engineering    Peter's Engineering - update

Local passenger        Shunting the yard        Empties/fulls sidings

The layout before its update

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Fordbury Dene Railway

Coombe Bissett



Victoria Colliery

Nettlebridge Valley Railway





A local passenger train passing though Halecombe hauled by LSWR M7 111

Entering the layout

Halecombe Platform with M7 number 42 shunting and the limestone empty siding

New Buildings

I decided to rebuild the buildings as they were both getting rather battered, some locos couldn't get under the limestone loader, and it was difficult to clean the track. The Ridler Grinding Company grinds coal and limestone to dust. The limestone dust is used as a fire retardant in coal mines and coal dust is used in many products including paint and black lead. The  Ridler Grinding Company is named after the innovative manager of the near by Edford Colliery. Peter's Engineering is a firm of general engineers supporting the local agriculture, quarrying, and coal mining.

Shunting the yard
The yard has been retracked hopefully this will make operation more interesting for viewers,
less frustrating for operators, and deliver a better service to our 'customers'.

Ridler Grinding Company

Peter's Engineering

Peter's Engineering - update
Change of car means I can no longer move eight foot boards. Halecombe's scenic boards has had to be cut in
half to converting it to 2 x 4 foot boards. The point to Peter's Engineering was right on the baseboard joint so,
unfortunately, had to be lifted. The siding was taken out of use by painting the rails rust and covering
with foliage. The entrance to the factory has been filled with a block wall.

Empties/fulls sidings

Panoramas of the layout These photos were taken before the rebuilding

Leaving the platform and New Factory

Passing the quarry loader (the blue corrugated building) and 42 shunting