State Line Bridge

Sn42, American, Narrow Gauge, 8 by 2 foot


High Level Group
Riverside    Lerbæk Mølle    Nuovo Ponte    State Line Bridge
The layouts are built at adult eye height of 60-63 inches
giving a more authentic view of a model railway.

State Line Bridge a flag stop on the imaginary Dismal Swamp and Southern Railroad.
In 1898 by converting and extending lumber spurs in Perquimans County the Dismal Swamp & Southern Railroad extended the Dismal Swamp Railroad nine miles to Nicanor, North Carolina. The goals were to gain access to timber stands at the southern edge of the Dismal Swamp and to interchange at Nicanor with another 3’ 6” narrow gauge line the Suffolk & Carolina Railroad. In 1904 the Suffolk & Carolina Railroad converted to standard gauge and interchange became transfer. Timber traffic is the railroads life blood with north bound round timber to the sawmill near Great Bridge, Virginia and cut timber heading south to Nicanor for transfer to the standard gauge. The other major source of traffic is aggregate used as ballast and gravel for building purposes. The charcoal furnaces at Lynches also provide traffic. Indecently the gauge was the 3'-6" customary among the local lumber railroads, considered the minimum feasible in the spongy terrain.
Despite its apparent size the bridge is 80mm high and 730mm long this scales up in S to 17 foot high and 154 foot long.

A north bound log train



Offcuts used as firewood

Maintenance of Way train