Nuovo Ponte

H0, Italian, Tramvia, 8 @ 2 foot


High Level Group
Riverside    Lerbæk Mølle    Nuovo Ponte    State Line Bridge
The layouts are built at adult eye height of 60-63 inches
giving a more authentic view of a model railway.

Nuovo Ponte (New Bridge) is a halt on the imaginary Società Anonima Tramvia Val de Boesio (Boesio Valley Tramway Ltd) a 10.5 Km long rural tramway between Cuveglio and Laveno-Mombello. The layout is set in the 1960's with operation by Automotore Diesel. Traffic is a mix of passenger services including a though coach from the Ferrovie Nord Milano and goods wagons for industries in the valley.

Coming on scene

The Station

Bridge approach (left)

The joint rail/road bridge

Bridge Approach (right)

Going off scene