00, Great Western Railway/Western Region, 8 by 4 foot


Great Western Railway/Western Region

Manchester and Milford Railway

Ysbyty Ystwyth





Welcome to Cwmystwyth

Planning showed Cwmystwyth needed to be able to pass passenger trains so given the board
size the only practical option is an island platform as used by Chelwood and Criel-sur-Mer.
The prototype for this is Haven Street station on the Isle of White

Express Passenger    Local Passenger    Auto train

Through Goods    Local Goods


Station Building & The Shop    Platform

Goods Yard

Goods Shed    Loading Dock    Cattle Pen

Local industries
Sawmill     A. E. Refrigeration   
Farmers Cooperative   

Coal merchants   
Emo Oil    Kingside Ballast

Panoramas    Track Plan


Express Passenger
The passenger train is an express as it includes the though coach to London.
Up to the 1960s there was wide range of through coaches to Aberystwyth.
This still exists except it's now a road coach and the service is orientated towards the students at the University in

Local Passenger
If the Mountain Section of the
Manchester and Milford Railway had been built it would have run though an area with low and declining population.
Local passengers would be few so passenger trains emphasise none passenger traffic like milk.

Auto train (sometimes called push-pull trains)
The photos are of the afternoon train from Aberystwyth largely used by students returning from Aberystwyth and it turns round at

Through Goods
Manchester and Milford Railway was planned as a route for goods going to and from America

Local Goods
The local goods shunts
Cwmystwyth but only the sidings it can back into.
So Cwmystwyth is largely shunted by the local goods when its on it's way to Aberystwyth.
Out bound wagons have to be collected from the sidings.
In bound wagons have to be parked at the appropriate off loading point.
Wagons that are staying put have to be temporarily moved so other wagons can be reached.
This is a particular challenge at Cwmystwyth because of the track plan.
Also the 'businesses' want wagons moved when it's convenient to them, often at meal times, not the railway.

Trains passing at

Station Building & The Shop
Cwmystwyth's station building has a waiting room, booking office, and station master's office.
The station master also supervises Ysbyty Ystwyth, Pontrhydygroes, and Llangurig.


Goods Yard
As with most model railways the goods yard has to be shoe horned in. None the less it has a goods shed, cattle pen, and side loading dock.

Goods Shed

Loading Dock

Cattle Pen

Pendre Sawmill

A. E. Refrigeration's stores department

Clynderwen and Cardiganshire Farmers Cooperative Limited

Banwy Fuels coal merchants

Emo Oil

Kingside Ballast working the tailing from Cwmystwyth Mines



Track Plan