ST PATRICK, British 00

The layout is unusual as it is designed to operate with British
00, 0n16.5.htm & Gn15), American (0n30), and French (0e) stock.
Please follow links to photos of the layout and stock.

Mixed Train    Coal train    Passenger train    Railcar

Panoramas    Track plan

Mixed Train

The mixed arrives at St. Patrick

And stops at the buffers

The loco runs round

Pick up the out bound full coal wagons

The out bound wagons are left on the loop.

The empty wagons are moved to the exchange siding

The empty wagons are left on the exchange siding.

The break van and parcels van are left on the loop

The coach is moved to the loop.

The break van is left by the platform.

The train is remashelled and ready to depart

Coal train

The colliery company's loco collects the empties (above) and returns with the full wagons (below).

Passenger train

The passenger train arrives.

A mixed of stock was normal for light railways.

The loco runs round.

The break van is moved to the back of the train.

Over the point.

Ready to go.


The railcar arrives

Passing the loading dock

Stopping by the station buildings.

Leaving St. Patrick


Track plan


Fiddle Yard