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Leeds, North Yorkshire, and Durham Railway


Chop Gate

Semi Fast  Local    Station    Peat works    Panaramas

- the North York Moors has a history of peat working though such activity is now much frowned upon. The peat works would have drained the near by moors, cut & air dried the peat, and then bought it inside for hot air drying & packing. Bagged peat would be shipped by van and oil, to power the hot air dryer, would arrive in tank wagon. Rievaulx is a hamlet so most passengers would be tourists.

Semi fast passenger train

Local passenger train


The station is technically a platform where a porter sells tickets, handles
parcels, and operates the crossing gates and ground frame.

Peat Works

The peat is cut and air dried on the moors then moved to the factory to be dried with hot air
The peat is then moved to dispatch for bagging. Finally it is shipped out by rail.
The oil depot unloads oil for the hot air driers.

Panoramas of the layout