The railway runs 5½ miles from Moreton to Carew Quay. Moreton is the junction with the Pembroke & Tenby Railway, after 1897 the Great Western Railway, and is on the site of the original Saundersfoot Station; opened 5 September 1866 & relocated at the end of June 1868. The railway follows the valley of the River Carew with stops at East Williamston,  Redberth, Sageston, and Carew Castle. The Carew River is an east bank tributary of the River Cleddau/Afon Cleddau whose estuary is Milford Haven.

The population in the valley peaked at 1,679 in 1851 then declined to stabilise at about 1200 for the first half of the twentieth century.
Agriculture is currently a mix of dairy farming and sheep rearing with just a little arable but historically winter roots particularly new potatoes were important.
The area round Carew - Sageston is noted for limestone quarrying Carew Quarry (Thomas Scourfield & Sons)
survives producing aggregates, dimension & lump stone, and concrete products.
The area to the north of Moreton - East Williamston has a history of coal mining (see lists below).
Together they gave a history of kilning limestone to lime for mortar and fertiliser.
The two significant local firms are at Sageston Clynderwen & Cardiganshire Farmers Ltd (agricultural cooperative) and

Bartlett Engineering Co. (steel fabricator) who among other things repairs traction engines (below) and smaller steam locos.

Tourism developed from 1900 and is now the basis of the local economy helped by the
ruined Carew Castle (below) and
converting the tidal mill (bottom) at Carew Quay to a museum.

The area is served by two bus services the 360 and 361.
The 360 follows the valley during part of its daily round trip Pembroke Dock - Tenby in the morning &
Tenby - Pembroke Dock in the afternoon the times suggest commuter runs to/from Tenby.
The 361 is daily and complex. The east bound services are Carew to Kilgetty via the valley in the morning and
two in the afternoon Pembroke Dock to Kilgetty via Cresswell Quay with the second extending to Tenby. West bound
services are Kilgetty to Pembroke Dock via Cresswell Quay in the morning and Kilgetty to Pembroke Dock via the valley at lunch time.
 As the Carew Valley Railway goes nowhere near Cresswell Quay these are difficult to translate into a railway timetable.
Possibly three round trips morning, lunch time, and evening - the morning Moreton to Carew and afternoon Carew to Moreton trains could be mixed.
Good connections at Moreton to Tenby and Kilgetty would be helpful. Mail, milk, luggage, and parcels are carried by passenger trains.
Goods trains run as required possibly early morning, mid morning, and/or mid afternoon.

The door on the seaward side of the mill (left) suggests supply by barge or boat.

Bush, Wilsons Pit, Greenhill, Jeffreston, Cross Park, and Gunters.
Coal Workings;
Watershill, Cuckoo's Wood, Moorpark, 2 @ Brambley Lays Farm,
Kittle Farm, 4 @ Southfield Farm, 3 @ Williamston Ford, 2 @ Norchard, 2 @ Peartree Pit, & Clayford.