0e, narrow gauge, 8 @ 4 foot


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Klausdorf Station

The Quarry at Klausdorf

Panoramas of Klausdorf

A 16.4 Km (10.2 mile) narrow gauge railway from Stralsund via Damitz (Groß und Klein), Prohn, Klausdorf, and Solkendorf to Barhöft.
The area served by the railway has a population of a few thousand and is now a dormitory of Stralsund.
Tourism is increasingly important but the local economy is still largely agricultural.
There is some forestry round Barhöft which has a small harbour with a ferry to the island of Hiddensee.
Prohn had a large pig farm and abattoir that was replaced by an industrial estate with firms dealing in aggregates and carrying out recycling.

The layouts are set in the last few years of the Nordvorpommernbahn with a service just maintained despite over grown track.
Fine scale track (code 75) has been used to emphasise the minor nature of the line.