Shepherd's Quay

 00, Eastern Region, 8 by 4 foot

Welcome to Shepherds Quay a platform on a minor East Anglican branch due to fall to the Beeching Axe.
A platform is a staffed halt that handles parcels and mileage traffic.
The layout is set in the late 1950s-early 1960s and is operated by a mix of late steam and early diesel.
The name comes from Shepherd's Port between King's Lynn and Hunstanton though the layouts terrain is markedly bumpier.

Railcar    Mixed    Goods    Panoramas of the layout




The goods collects out bound wagons from the spur.

The goods leaves out bound wagons on the quay siding

The googs pushes in bound wagons up the spur

The break van is picked up

The break van is left at the platform

The out bound vans from the mileage siding are collected

The vans are left coupled up to the break van

The inbound wagon is left on the mileage siding

The loco couples up to the out bound wagons

THe coal wagons are left by the barge

The goods train is coupled up

The goods train leaves for the next station