Chop Gate

00, British Railways, Eastern Region


Leeds, North Yorkshire, and Durham Railway


Chop Gate



Deltic    Special    Local Passenger train   

Goods Train    Ordnance Depot    

Panoramas    Track plan

Welcombe to Chop Gate pronounced Chop Yat.

A diverted express hauled by a Deltic races through Chop Gate

A special passenger train roars through Chop Gate

Local Passenger train

The local passenger service is provided by a single car Diesel Multiple Unit

Goods Train

Ordnance Depot

The Land Rover used to maintain the track

Oil Pans

The warehouses

Shunting the depot

Wagons are exchanged at an off scene exchange sidings and moved by shunter to the appropriate siding

Wagons have to be carefully parked at the correct loading/unloading point
Shunting is by a Class 09 'Gronk' hired from British Rail