H0, French, 8 by 2 foot


Station        Goods Yard

Permanent Way     Panoramas

Saint-Martin-le-Gaillard is a minor station on the imaginary Societe Anonyme des Chemins 
de Fer D’interet Local de Val de l’ Yeres a French secondaires operated by the SNCF.
In British terms Saint-Martin is a station on the Yeres Valley Light Railway.
Other modelled station on the line are Sept-Meules and Criel-sur-Mer


As with a lot of secondaires/light railway stations the facilities are basic,
an office for the staff, a lean to for the public, and a lock up for parcels.

Repair work underway

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Goods Yard

Goods Shed Agricultural cooperative

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Permanent Way (maintenance of way)
office and store

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The layout under construction.

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