Kolej Doliny RopaP

(Ropa Valley Railway)
H0, Polish State Railway


Kolej Doliny Ropa




Uście Gorlickie

Potted history
from 1871-1914 the Hungarian Government planned to build Railway 617 through the Western Beskid mountains 60 Km (37.5 mile) from Bardejov to Gorlice. Bardejov and Gorlice were part of Austro-Hungarian Empire till 1919 when Gorlice passed to Poland and Bardejov to Czechoslovakia with Bardejov latterly becoming part of Slovakia. The local population is small and the local economy is a mix of tourism, forestry, and farming. I've twisted history with Railway 617 being built in the 1890s . The layouts are set in he Polish Ropa Valley between Szymbark and Uście Gorlickie during epochs V & VI (1990 onwards) so are rationalised - in British terms modern image. Traffic on Railway 617 is mostly through trains though locals serve the villages and hamlets in the Ropa Valley.

Photos of
Trzcińsko  Station