H0, French, 8 by 1 foot

Criel Plage Station    Paris train    Local Passenger train   

Limestone Train    Goods Train

Panoramas of the layout with stock    Panoramas of the layout without stock

Track Plan


Pont d'Eaulne

St Martin lG



Criel-sur-Mer Criel Plage Pont du la Slack

The Chemins de Fer de Vallee de la Yeres (CFVY) is an imaginary railway from a junction with a meter gauge line at Fourcarmont, via a junction with standard gauge Coastal line at Touffrevill-sur-Eu to Criel Plage on the Cote d’Albatre (English Channel). CFVY is standard gauge in an attempt to develop Criel-sur-Mer as a holiday resort. The CFVY opened in 1906, went bankrupt in 1931, was hand to the Department who arranged the Chemins de fer du Nord to take over, in 1938 the Nord became part of the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français. The 1950s and early 1960s were a boom time for the CFVY. Passenger services were replaced by bus in 1968 and goods services withdrawn in 1973.
The layout is set in the prosperous 1950s and early 1960s when the branch was served by a frequent train service. Unmodelled steep grades means all trains are short. The crack service is the Cote d’Albatre express from Paris to Criel in the morning and return in the in the evening. The Cote d’Albatre is usually an express railcar due to the need to reverse on route and light loadings. Local passenger services run from Criel Plage to Dieppe and le Treport. Mixed trains run to and from Fourcarmont. Freight trains run from to Dieppe & Eu. Goods traffic is general, limestone, flints from the beach, small timber [pulp & firewood] and some round timber.

Criel Plage (Criel Beach) Station

The station is unusual at it has the goods shed, a grounded van body, at the buffer end of the platform

The platform has been cut back to allow road vehicles to back up to the goods shed

The Paris train is provided by a Michelin Railcar.
This is really the Paris-Le Tréport train but uses spare time at Le Tréport for a round trip to Criel Plage

Local Passenger train - provided by a steam railcar

Steam railcars as in the photo worked the Coastal line and the nearby railway to Ault.

Limestone Train

Empty limestone trains run to Mont Jolibois Quarry and full from Mont Jolibois Quarry.
Trains in both directions run round at Criel Plage

A goods train shunting art Criel Plage

Panoramas of the layout with stock

The fiddle yard acts as the siding to Mont Jolibois Quarry (Limestone)

Panoramas of the layout without stock

The fiddle Yard