Aqua Amarga

H0, Spanish, 3.5 by 4 foot


Local passenger train    A mixed train   

The station    The mine

Aqua Amarga (Spanish: Bitter Water) is homage to the railways of South East Spain
largely built by mining companies to extract minerals from an area of mountain and desert.
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A passenger and mixed trains pass at
Aqua Amarga

Local passenger train

A mixed train

Shunting the iron mine siding

The station
Aqua Amarga is a passing place and siding serving an iron ore mine in the middle of nowhere so only basic
facilities are needed. An old coach is used as the station building and another old coach as
Cantina de la
Estación (station canteen). The canteen is mostly used by hard drinking miners and railway workers.

The Mine at Aqua Amarga

Two main tunnels are driven into the hillside the cross tunnels are driven between the two main tunnels
and the iron ore extracted. This arrangement gives good ventilation and relatively good safety. After
extraction the ore is trammed along the narrow gauge to the loading dock.