00, British Rail (Western), 8 by 3.5 feet


Plymouth and Devonport to Exeter Railway Postbridge Whiteworks Hexworthy Powdermills

The plan is to build four
Plymouth and Devonport to Exeter Railway/British Rail (Western) 1980's layouts.
Construction should start November 2019.
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Whiteworks - Dartmoor has a history of peat working[1] though such activity is now much frowned upon. The peat works would have drained Foxtor Mires, cut & air dried the peat, and then bought it inside for hot air drying & packing. Bagged peat would be shipped by van and oil, to power the hot air dryer, would arrive in tank wagon. The hamlet of Whiteworks was largely abandoned when the tin mines closed so most passengers would be tourists. [1] https://www.legendarydartmoor.co.uk/peat_moor.htm

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