00, Southern Railway, 12 foot by 1.5 foot


Passenger train        M7 Loco      

Local Industries

Colliery        Invicta Engineering (Frogham) Ltd.    Coal Yard    The Goods Yard

Welcome to Frogham a North Downs Model Railway Circle 00 Scale model railway.
Frogham models the terminus of a proposed but unbuilt light railway from Snowdown.
The layout is set in the time of the Southern Railway.

A passenger train from Snowdown arrives at Frogham, runs round, and departs.

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M7 Loco

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Local Industries

The colliery

The colliery is loosely based on that at Cobham Kent see

Invicta Engineering (Frogham) Ltd.

Coal Yard

This may seem odd but different types of coal are used for different purposes
so coal different from the colliery's would be delivered to the village.

The Goods Yard

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