Winchelsea Tramway

00n9 [H0e], narrow gauge, 8 foot by 6 inches

A passenger train at the Junction Station

Southern End                      Northern End 
Track Plan

Rhiw Cobnor Winchelsea Bowerchalke

A goods train at the Junction Station

At the foot of the Winchelsea Bluff

Crossing the A259

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Winchelsea Strand Gate Station

Inham Block Works the main source
 of goods traffic on the tramway

Crossing the Royal Military Canal

Winchelsea Beach Station

The Southern End of the Tramway (Beach, Canal, and Strand) 


The Northern End of the Tramway (A259, Winchelsea Bluff and Junction) 

Track Plan

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The Winchelsea Tramway is inspired by the Rye & Camber Tramway. The Winchelsea Tramway runs just under 4,000 yards from Winchelsea Junction to Winchelsea Beach passing the station at Winchelsea Strand Gate and five halts. Strand Gate station is 100 foot below the town of Winchelsea. Despite its name the tramway largely runs on its own flat [varying between 7’ and 13’ above sea level] right of way. The Tramway’s connection to the ‘mainline’ allows it to handle parcels and goods traffic. The main source of goods traffic on the tramway is the block works at Strand Gate, the block works uses aggregates from pits north-east of Winchelsea Beach.

Winchelsea Tramway


Winchelsea Junction


Pipewell Gate Halt


Winchelsea Strand Gate Block works Siding


Sea Road Halt


Old River Way Halt


Pett Level Halt Village centre & Winchelsea Sands Holiday Park


Dogs Hill Halt Rye Bay Caravan Park


Winchelsea Beach


Total distance