00, British Railways 1980's, 16 by 4.5 foot

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British Rail 1980's Tadworth Green Neilsbridge Mogador

Good Shepherd

The layout represents British Railways in the 1980's a period usually called modern image. The layout depicts a triple tracked mainline with express & local passengers and freight.

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A bubble car comes on scene

Slows for Mogador Halt

Mogador Halt

Loads Passengers

Mogador Halt's bus stop shelter

Pulls out from Mogador Halt

The factory's car park

A 'Gronk' shunts the factory

Factory's loading dock

The scrap yard

Passing the scrap yard

The end of Plasmor's siding

A fork lift truck at Plasmor's siding

The start of Plasmor's siding

Plasmor's Porter Cabin

The bubble car goes of scene

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Track Plan