Water Run

H0, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 24 @ 1 foot

The Reading Railroad has trackage rights

The Mixed train    Freight Train    Industries    Panoramas

Planning the conversion work

The Mixed train

Switching the Atlas Colour Works    Crossing the road/rail bridge    Over the High Bridge   

Stopping at Water Run flag stop    Dry Run Bridge    Going down the main and off scene

Switching the Atlas Colour Works
The siding runs through the works onto the fiddle yard to allow fulls in/empties out

Crossing the road/rail bridge

Over the High Bridge

Stopping at Water Run flag stop

Dry Run Bridge

Going down the main and off scene

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Freight Train

Coming on scene    Switching Resolute Mill Products    Over the high Bridge

Next the road/rail bridge    Going off scene

Coming on scene from the branch from the branch

Switching Resolute Mill Products

Over the High Bridge

Next the road/rail bridge

Going off scene

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Atlas Color Works    Resolute Mill Products    Riverside mine

Atlas Color Works

The color works produces paint from minerals such as ochre and materials such as charcoal. Processing is a mix of washing to remove grit, drying, heating, and grinding to ‘flour’. The ‘flour’ is then mixed with other material such as gypsum, raw linseed oil, and thinner to produced paint. The works also grinds mineral such as coal to ‘flour’ to be used as fillers. Coal ‘flour’ is used in the paper and fibreboard industries and in drills. The works receives tins and packaging.
For further details about paint see

Resolute Mill Products

Riverside mine - now defunct

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