Potomac Street

H0, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 16 @ 1 foot

Potomac Street is inspired by but is not a model of the George Town Branch of the

Potomac Street
will alternate with Earnest Creek another B&O RR layout at the Kenavon exhibitions.
As an easy to move layout Potomac Street may exhibit with other layouts such as Saint-Jude.

Fiddle Yard

½ The Gorse Line (quarry)

 ½ The Gorse Line (Station)

½ Tram de la Frenesie (Quay)

Baseboards, some points & track and electrics will be recycled. Scenic materials will come from stock.
I'll have to buy a point and track.
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Tram de la Frenesie quay board 

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The Gorse Line Station board
The buildings etc will be re-used

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The Gorse Line quarry board
The quarry will remain and gain a siding but the halt will go

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