H0, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 12 @ 1.5 foot

The Reading Railroad has trackage rights


The station at Johnburg   
Mainline passenger train    Branch passenger train    Panoramas     Track plan

The conversion from Cannop        Cannop

Back Ground
Johnburg is an imaginary town in Central Pennsylvania were the Baltimore & Ohio and Reading Railroads meet.
Both railroads now terminate at Johnburg though previously freight trains had extended to coal mines further up the Valley of the Whisky Run.
The station remains highly active with passengers, coal from the Grisedale Coal & Coke Co Coal loader,
Trailer on Flat Car from the ramp based on the former CNW ramp in Huron SD, and general freight.

The station at Johnburg

The station building

The team track. Two Railway Express Agency box cars are being loaded

Grisedale Coal & Coke Co coal loader.

The Trailer on Flat Car ramp

This is based on the former CNW ramp in Huron SD. Bob Elliott took photos of the disused ramp in 2006.

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Mainline passenger train

Branch passenger train

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Panoramas of the layout

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The conversion from Cannop (British, Southern Railway) to Johnburg (Baltimore & Ohio Railroad)

The throat
The station - The most noticeable changes are the hardstandage and the trailer on flat car ramp

The fiddle yard Mainline on the left. Branch line on the right

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 Cannop in its Southern Railway days

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