Emergency at Asheldham

00, British Railways (Eastern Region), 4 by 1 foot


Asheldham Halt        Temporary buffers        The washout bridge

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Asheldham Halt serves the hamlet of Asheldham. The Halt is set between the Green Lane road bridge and a trestle bridge over the Asheldham Brook on the fictitious Dengie Hundred Branch. Like the nearby Maldon Branch the Dengie Hundred Branch was built on the cheap and had to make do with wooden trestle bridges. British Railways has invested in the Branch including modernised the passenger service by introducing a railbus.
The emergency is the trestle bridge to the north of Asheldham Halt on the Dengie Hundred Branch has been washed out so the railbus is temporarily terminating at Asheldham Halt with passengers being transferred to buses to continue their journey to Bradwell.

The car park at Asheldham Halt
Passengers can be seen transferring
between the railcar and bus.
A British Railway mininbus has bought
staff helping transferring passengers
The Halt at Asheldham
Passengers are just about to get into the railbus

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Temporary buffers

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The washout bridge

Parts of the washed out bridge can be seen at the lower end of the photo 


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