LerbÆK Mølle

H0, Danish, Light Railway, 8 by 2 foot


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Automatic (High) State Line Bridge Nuovo Ponte Riverside Mine Lerbæk Mølle

The layouts are built at adult eye height of 60-63 inches giving a more authentic view of a model railway.

The steep forested flanks of the Grejsdalen (Grejs Dale) as it cuts though hilly terrain makes it a unique part of Denmark. Lerbæk Mølle [Lerbaek Watermill] is a halt on the imaginary Vejle Banen. The Vejle Banen a privatbane or light railway following the Grejs Å (Grejs River) from a junction with the DSB (Dannish State Railway) at Husby 9.5 kilometers  (5.9 miles) to Skovdallund on Fårup Sø (Fårup Lake). The Dale and Lake are a beautiful part of Denmark so tourism is a major source of traffic with Fårup Sø having a boat rental, campsite, fishing, and a reproduction Viking ship the Jellingormen, seen by 150,000 - 200,000 tourists a year. Other traffic includes agriculture, forestry, stone cut from the Dale's tufa cliffs, and four watermills. The layout is at adult eye height 60-63 inches giving a more authentic view of a model railway. If you visit Lerbæk Mølle please be careful as research suggests it's a road accident black spot.

Passenger Train

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Goods Train

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The Mill

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Panoramas of the layout

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