Project Szymankowo

H0, Polish State Railway [PKP], 12 by 3+ foot


The project is to start after the March 18 exhibition and will convert 'Vale of Twrch' group to an electrified Polish group.
Layout design has just started but the work identified so far is: -
1    New none scenic u-turns with larger radius curves and possibly folding sides to ease storage & transport.
2    Adapt the fiddle yard.
3    Rebuild the scenic boards
making best use of existing track and scenery.
4    Add overhead catenary possibly Peco if the mast prove prototypical.

Potted history as of 17.9.2017   
from 1871-1914 the Hungarian Government planned to build Railway 617 through the Western Beskid mountains 60 Km (37.5 mile) from Bardejov to Gorlice. Bardejov and Gorlice were part of Austro-Hungarian Empire till 1919 when Gorlice passed to Poland and Bardejov to Czechoslovakia with Bardejov latterly becoming part of Slovakia. The local population is small and the local economy is a mix of tourism, forestry, and farming. I've twisted history with Railway 617 being built in the 1890s with a single running line and being electrified post war as the steep grades created operating difficulties. The layouts are set in he Polish Ropa Valley between Szymbark and Uście Gorlickie during epochs V & VI (1990 onwards) so are rationalised - in British terms modern image. Traffic on Railway 617 is mostly through trains though locals serve the villages and hamlets in the Ropa Valley.


Existing (GWR)
Vale of Twrch
scenic boards

Proposed (PKP)
epoch V & VI
scenic boards




Single track variant of Trzcińsko station

Cwm Twrch





Uście Gorlickie

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