Haltestelle Seehof a Bavarian Station
H0, Bavarian Light Railway, 8 by 4 foot

Light Railways Dry Run Klausdorf Seehof Damitz

Haltestelle Seehof a Bavarian Station
Seehof is based on Haltestelle Baunach chosen as Tim Hale and '0nkel_wom' have posted good photos on the web and the track plan is similar to Old Ludwell. Old Ludwell is to be converted to Seehof by removing the high level platform, station buildings, and fencing then inserting two low level platforms, goods shed, and station building. The prototype station building is tall so will stick above the back scene and get mangled when the layout is packed. So I decided to use a commercially produced station building hence the decision not to
name the layout Baunach.

Layout under construction the building on the left was to be a goods shed but I felt it was to big for the role so it will be the
Bayerische Mutter und Bolzen GmbH

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