00, Great Western Railway/Western Region, 8 by 4 foot


Semi fast    Auto train    Through goods    Local goods    Shunting

Station facilities

Station yard    Station building    Goods Shed    Cattle pens    Side & end loading dock

The station cat and admirers

Local firms

Gary Jones Butchers    Cig Oen Caron Abattoir   
Kingside Ballast    Pendre Sawmill

Panoramas of the layout        Track plan

Manchester and Milford Railway Ysbyty Ystwyth Pontrhydygroes Cwmystwyth Llangurig

Welcome to Pontrhydygroes a station on the proposed but unbuilt section of the Manchester and Milford Railway.

The semi fast makes a stop at Pontrhydygroes
The semi fast comprises a through coach London to/from Aberystwyth, a parcels van and milk tankers.
The through coach forms part of the Cambrian Coast Express east of Moat Lane Junction.
The through coach is a British Railways Mark 1 coach one of few in Great Western chocolate and cream.
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An auto train

A Cwmystwyth to Aberystwyth auto train. The loco pulls the coach one way and pushes it the other. The coach is currently being pushed.

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A through goods

A class 56XX hauls an though goods though the station on route from Carmarthen to Welshpool.

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Local goods

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Shunting at Pontrhydygroes

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Station yard

Station building

Goods Shed

Cattle pens largely used by the abattoir

Side & end loading dock
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The station cat and admirers
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Gary Jones Butchers

Cig Oen Caron Abattoir
Kingside Ballast working the tailing from Cwmystwyth Mines

Pendre Sawmill

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Panoramas of the layout

Track plan
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