00, British Rail, London Midland Region 1970s
Scenic area 31 x 8 inches”

 Guest layout

Trawsfynydd is a micro layout built on two extremely small feather light diorama boards. The aim here was to see if a viable working railway could be fitted into such a small space and to accurately capture a nuclear flask operation in terms of scenery, infrastructure, and authentic shunting.
The track layout consists merely of two sidings diverging from a ‘Y’ point, but such a simple arrangement requires 10 moves to swap two flask wagons over. For interesting shunting it satisfies the criteria.
All the rolling stock is Bachmann which includes two barrier wagons (ex-coal hoppers), two flask wagons and a brakevan. These are all substantially weathered to give a nice run down feel.
Locomotive 24137 (yet to be weathered) is by Dapol.
The scenery has many elements consisting of fine leaf foliage for the trees and bushes and a range of static grasses for all-round cover. The standout feature is the Ratio travelling crane consisting of over 100 parts.
This is still a work in progress layout as there is a little more detailing to be done yet, but it is substantially complete.