St. Etienne-sur-Eu

0e, French narrow gauge, 8 @ 3 foot


Continental outline, 1:45 scale on 16.5mm gauge track

St. Etienne-sur-Eu represents a halt and siding on a French Secondraire (in British terms a light railway). The halt is used by workers at the near by brickworks and the siding is used to deliver shale for the brickworks. Shale is dumped out of the narrow gauge wagons, shovelled into 400mm gauge wagons then the 400mm wagons are pushed by hand to the brickworks. Shale is used to make bricks and tiles.
In the French style the halt is named after the local saint.  St. Etienne (Saint Stephen in English) was chosen as the patron saint of brick layers and -sur-Eu added to differentiate from all the other St. Etiennes. The next phase is the rebuilding the rolling stock on the layout.

A goods train running counter clockwise round the layout

The goods train passes the halt and
 the passenger checks his watch

Panoramic of the layout
The shale drops at St. Etienne-sur-Eu

Track plan