00n9/H0e, Tiernseebahn (Austrian Narrow Gauge),  8 @ 4 feet

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Set in Eastern Austria the 22 Km long 750mm gauge Tiernbahn runs from a Junction with the OBB at Spartz to the terminus at Tiernkirche. Initially the railway follows the Tiern Valley to Tiernsee and then the eastern shore of the lake to Tiernkirche. The modelled stations are Tiernsee, Briesau, Geisalm, and Seehof. Major traffic sources are the Mechthau & Torteswald mines and Sonnalpe Carpentry. Other sources of traffic are tourism, local passengers and goods.
The layout has seen several reconfigurations and is in currently exhibited with Torteswald Bergwerk at one end and
Sonnalpe Zimmerei at the other with either Geisalm & Mechthau Bergwerk, Tiernsee, Briesau, or Seehof in between. Names are taken from a series of books by Elinor Brent-Dyer who’s Tiernsee is based on the Achensee in Eastern Austria.
Geisalm & Mechthau Bergwerk, Torteswald Bergwerk, and Sonnalpe Zimmerei are  to be recycled in June 17 into Ysbyty Ystwyth.
Tiernsee may become an end to end layout or be recycled into Pontrhydygroes.


Following a coal train round the layout


Older photos
The standard gauge wagons on transporters give an idea of the relative size of narrow gauge stock