La Mina
de Jesus Garcia Corona

el heroe de Nacozari

 In2 & 1n1, Mexican narrow gauge, 8 @ 0.5 foot


Welcome to la Mina de Jesus Garcia Corona el Heroe de Nacozari (Jesus Garcia Corona Hero of
Nacozaria Mine) layout named after Mexico's great railway hero. The layout is narrow gauge built
to a scale of 1:32 on 16.5mm and 9mm gauge track a combination known as In2 & 1n1 respectively.

Naconite is extracted in the mine and moved over the bridge to the loading dock were raw ore is dumped into opens/gondolas or to
the mill were the ore is processed, bagged, and loaded into vans/box cars. The raw and milled ore is shipped out by the tramway
that also bring in the lumber offcuts that power the mill.

The Mine

The bridge from the mine to loading dock & Mill

The loading dock

The mill

Lumber offcuts for the mill's steam engine

The loading door used by bagged ore

The tramway