Four Seasons


I have been becoming interested in the more unusual scale/gauge combinations such as Fn16.5, 0n9 and Sn9. Im exhibition manager of the North Downs Model Railway Circle and had become worried that our exhibition might become stilted. My initial thought were to build a series of small layouts that sat between the legs of larger layouts. At the same time the Surrey Group was becoming interested in supporting the exhibition and offered to bring 009 layouts. I decided to use three interconnecting rooms as a narrow gauge hall. A friend agreed to bring a nice 0n16.5 layout called Cranbrook Town but the more unusual scale/gauge combinations were missing. I decided to rectify this by using a small layout concept presented in step formation. Given available space, transport constraints, expectation of extensions etc I decided to build four 48 @ 12 layouts modeled in Fn16.5, 0n9, Sn9 and 009. After further thought I decided to model each layout in a separate season with the 009 layout set in the autumn.