Dry Run

0n30, American narrow gauge, 8 @ 4 foot


 New Creek Railroad

The New Creek Railroad is inspired by the 26.6 mile long narrow gauge Twin Mountain and Potomac Railroad [TM&PR] in Western Maryland.
The railroad built to haul apples and peaches from Twin Mountain Orchards to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at Keyser.
The TM&PR was unique among the Western Maryland narrow gauge railroad as all the others were built to haul coal and/or lumber.
The TM&PR was built between 1911 and 1913 and abandoned in 1920.

The layouts are set in the last few years of the New Creek Railroad with a service just maintained despite over grown track.
Fine scale track (code 75) has been used to emphasise the minor nature of the line.

Mixed train

Passenger train

Dry Run

Maintenance of Way Work
Charcoal works