H0, Deutsche Reichsbahn

Description    Set on the Baltic to the east of Wismar the Darss Bahn is a branch running from a junction at Ribnitz-Damgarth Via Dierhagan, Wustrow, and Prerow to Zingst servings the quarries, industry, and agriculture of the area. The East German railway was surprisingly called Die Reichbahn (The Imperial Railway). Authorities in East Germany saw the Reichbahn’s main role as moving goods so the layout has a relatively frequent goods service. The passenger timetable is based on the nearby Kuhlungsborne Branch. Most passenger services are provided by railcars – called ferkeltaxi (piglet taxi) by the East Germans shuttling between Ribnitz-Damgarth and Zingst augmented by the occasional loco hauled passenger train. The towns exist but the railway is fictitious.