Weissehhauser Strand

H0, West German

Weissenhauser Strand is the terminus of a short (2.5 Km) branch from a junction with the Hohwatcherm Marine Bahn [HMB] ‘mainline’ at Brok Junction. The triangular junction enables trains to run direct from Kiel and Oldenburg, with a run round they can continue in their direction of travel. The HMB is a continuation of the line between Preetz and Lutjenburg built to create a direct route between Kiel and Oldenburg and onto Puttgarden as well as developing tourism, industry and farming along coast. Set in the prosperous 1950’s to mid 1960’s the line is served by a frequent train service including long ferry, cross-country and tourist trains that bypass Weissehhauser Strand and shorter trains provide semi-fast and local passenger services. The layout operates a mix of through semi-fast and local passenger trains. The semi-fast trains drop of/attach a couchette coach from the Ruhr via Oldenburg. Freight is active with coal received at the quay, general freight from the factory and goods yard, and a quarry on the Kiel side of the triangular junction. In practice the area developed without the help of the railway and a line between Entin and Neustadt linked Kiel and Oldenburg.