H0, French

Description    Built to develop the Valley the Societe Anonyme Des Chemins de fer díInteret General de Vallee de lí Yeres (Yeres Valley Light Railway) ran from the coastal railway north via Touffreville-sur-Eu to reach Criel-sur-Mer on the English Channel. The transport planning law of 1938 and subsequent nastiness had a major impact on the railway. However, by the early 1950ís, the railway has recovered and to meet the post war boom in traffic help had to be obtained from SNCF. In 1968, the passenger and general freight services ended and the railway closed in 1973. The layout is set in the prosperous 1950ís to mid 1960ís when the line was served by a frequent train service. Unmodelled steep grades means all trains are short. The triangular junction allows trains from Dieppe to Le Treport to travel via Criel Plarge. Leaving Paris about 9.00 the morning the Cote díAlbatre express runs via Eu to Dieppe with through coaches for among other places Criel Plarge it returns in the evening. Local passenger services run from Criel Plarge to Dieppe and le Treport. A mixed train runs to Dieppe. The mixed and passenger trains largely work goods traffic. In practise, the Valley has developed without the help of a railway. The Coastal railway from Dieppe to Le Treport existed, losing its passenger service in 1938 and closed to freight in 1973. The route is now partly used as a footpath.