H0, Československé Státní Dráhy, 4 @ 1 feet


Border changes after both the First and Second World Wars left several minor stations as the termini of branches.
A minor line running from
Bohumin to Olszyna via Věřňovice was severed by the Polish-Czechoslovak boarder when
the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed in 1918. The Czechoslovak side was truncated at Věřňovice leaving a 7.5 km/4.6
 mile long branch from Bohumin to Věřňovice. The branch's main traffic is from an unmodelled coal mine west of Věřňovice.

Basic station - waiting shelter and parcels lock up

Some ones pride and joy a Traby (Trabant) on the level crossing

Goods Shed

Chemical works

Panorama of the layout