H0,  Swiss minor railway, 8 @ 3 feet


Due to the availability of hydroelectric power and the difficulty during the First World War in importing coal most Swiss railways were electrified. A number of minor and industrial railways remaining steam operated and if they last long enough switched to diesel operation. Survivors often ran Museumszüge (steam specials) or became nostalgische dampfbahnen (heritage railways). If you want further if formation about Swiss minor railways I recommend
Eingestellte Bahnen der Schweiz (see
Surebrücke honours the most successful of Swiss minor lines the Sursee Triengen Bahn (ST) that runs between Sursee and Triengen (Winikon). The ST was steam operated from its opening on 23.11.1912 till 1965 when it was dieselised. On 25.9.1971 the passenger service was withdrawn and the ST became goods only. The ST continues to have a goods service with trains operated by the Swiss Federal Railway.
The layout is operated by a steam powered passenger train and a steam powered mixed train. One of the model locos is a Liliput E 3/3 "Tigerli" a class of loco that operated on the ST. The time period could be at any point between 1912 and 1965 or during the nostalgische dampfbahnen phase. 

Passenger train

Mixed train

The Bridge