Pontllyfni Quay

 00, London Midland Scottish Railway, 8 @ 4 foot

During the eighteen-thirties and forties there were plans to build the North Wales Railway from Bangor to Porthdinllaen (then known as Port Dynllaen) and in the eighteen-fifties the 42" gauge Nantlle Railway proposed the Llyfni Vales Railway and Harbour a branch from from Nantlle to Pontllyfni (then known as Pont Llyfni) and construction of a quay.

I have assumed the North Wales Railway was built in truncated form from just south of Caernarvon to Porthdinllaen and the Nantlle Railway did extended to Pontllyfni but when the Nantlle Railway was converted to standard gauge the Nantlle to Pontllyfni branch was made goods only. The London North Western Railway would have absorbed both lines in the eighteen-seventies and in turn would have been merged into the London Midland and Scottish Railway in 1923.

The line from Caernarvon and Hendy Quarry siding

The Quay at Pontllyfni

The Halt at Pontllyfni Quay

The left hand line is form Nantlle and the right hand from Porthdinllaen

A donkey walks the track bed to Wern Quarry